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wheel icon DecayCalc

An easy to use radioactive decay calculator.

DecayCalc - Main DecayCalc - Isotopes DecayCalc - edit DecayCalc - Log

A calculator to easily decay the activity of a source to either of two difference dates or the other way round to get the current activity of a source measured at either of the references.

A log is also maintained which can be saved for easy transfer to another system.

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wheel icon WordWheel

The classic anagram game brought to your phone.

wordwheel - Main wordwheel - hint wordwheel - pad

Find as many words as you can using the just the letters in the wheel. To make things more interesting each letter can only be used once and every word must include the letter in the middle. Plus there's a time limit.

Too easy? Then set yourself a minimum word length and ask the game to pick really obscure words for you.

This paid version sets puzzles from a list of over 7500 nine letter words ranging from the common to the obscure. It also checks your guesses against a dictionary of over 140,000 words with the option to use either UK or US english spelling.

With a wide variety of options to allow you to tailor the game rules the game can be as challenging as you like and, if you get stuck, it can even provide hints in the form of riddles.

This add-free paid version uses the full list of nine letter words allowing you to select how obscure you want the hidden word.

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Winglass icon Wineglass

You know how it is, you need to get everyone's attention for a toast but you're drinking lager from a plastic cup.

If only you had a wineglass to make an annoying ting-ting sound with.

Well now you do...

Wineglass - screenshot

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